Covid-19 has changed the way the world does business. No longer can we have face-to-face meetings or host large events as a business. Instead, we are left to do things virtually. Now, there is divided opinion on whether online meetings make things easier or more difficult for those taking part but some small adjustments can quickly get everyone feeling happy about life again.

Read on as The Voice Tutor offers five simple tips that will make you look and feel good…

  1. Focus on your lighting. Front-facing natural light is best as it accentuates and brightens your face.
  2. Avoid low angles. Keeping the camera eye-level or higher is important to hide the double-chin (if you have one) as well as to stop the computer from looking up your nostrils.
  3. Focus on your appearance. If you look the part then the others around you are likely to see the best you.
  4. Understand how you will look before going live. Preparation is important so ensure all of your finishing touches are complete before starting the meeting.
  5. Seat yourself in front of a plain background. Simple backdrops will make you look even more professional on camera so this is a quick and easy final fix.

If you would like any help or support with your next online appearance or feel you would benefit from some on-screen training then please feel free to make contact as we would love to help.