Nothing pleases us more than receiving a thank you phone call or email from a client. It goes without saying that we want people to develop as they work with us and one such individual has done just that. The person concerned doesn’t wish to be named but now has his own radio show. We asked him for some of his tricks of the trade and this is what he came up with:

When I first started working with The Voice Tutor I was delivering my words at a hundred miles per hour. I was quickly told to Slow Down. This has helped me to bring more power and clarity to my voice and I have received some positive feedback on this part of my development.

As I have developed my voice, I have listened back so I would definitely recommend Recording some scripts and then listening and learning from the improvements that you have made. We can all improve if the desire is there to do so, I can attest to that.  

Exercise Your Voice. This is probably the simplest piece of advice. When I first started doing radio, I found that I was struggling as I was expected to talk a fair bit and my voice wasn’t used to it. My tutor told me that my voice would improve if I used it more frequently and this has proved to be spot on.

Fuel Yourself. Another one that should be self explanatory. If you don’t eat and drink properly then you will struggle. I always have a light meal before a radio show and never go into the studio without some water nice and close to me. Engineers don’t like it too close to the equipment but I find it reassuring to know that I have a cheeky bottle at close quarters!

The final point I would like to pass on is do not be afraid of Pausing. The last thing listeners want to hear is incessant chat. It is nice to have a pause every now and then. Think when the best times are to break up sentences, when you look at your script and, remember, you can always mark your lines as you wish. If you are sympathetic to your listener and give them every chance of enjoying your shows then you are likely to build long-time support … which should be the aim for all of us.

I would like to end by pointing out that I know I have only just started on my radio journey but I feel indebted to The Voice Tutor for helping me and offering unstinting support. I tried a rival company at first but was encouraged to make the switch when that didn’t work out. It was the right decision and every penny I have spent, and I haven’t spent much, has been well worth it. Thank you.

I think it’s important to point out that we don’t get it right every time but positive feedback such as the above keeps the fire burning. Put us to the test and let us help you. You can call 07518 680681 to receive some help and support of your own.