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Our team has been helping to mentor companies and individuals for a number of years but Jamie Reid decided to start The Voice Tutor on a more formal basis in 2020 to share his knowledge and experience.

Jamie’s story is a tale of hard work and persistence. He joined the BBC on the bottom rung of the ladder in the mid 1990’s and, during his early years with the corporation, realised that he needed to work on his delivery or he would never improve and develop as a professional broadcaster. Fortunately, he was in the right place to benefit from all of the training on offer and managed to listen and learn from some of the best in the business.

The help and guidance that Jamie received, from a number of talented colleagues and tutors, has enabled him to go on to cover Premier League, Football League and European football for a number of years. He now works for Fulham, a Premier League Football Club, and was previously Head of Media and Communications for Kent County Cricket Club. During his long and varied career, Jamie has presented and produced a number of programmes for the BBC and has worked on location at numerous sporting events all over the world. He has interviewed a number of well known famous faces, some of which have proved more challenging than others!

All of that though is just a small part of the story. Fast forward 20 years and Jamie is now pleased to be sharing his professional experience. If you are ready to enhance your skills and want to bring about an improved performance for you and your staff then please make contact.