Hello, thanks for visiting our shiny new website! My name is Jamie Reid and, working with some talented colleagues, we hope to help those around us to improve and build-on their communication skills.

It is no secret that employers are looking for employees who have good communication skills. This doesn’t just mean that you need to be able to present yourself well in an interview. You also need to prove that you are capable of handling yourself well, writing strongly and having a presence.

Today, in our first blog posting, it’s time to talk the P word.


I think it’s fair to say that most of us, at some point or another, have experienced concern when told that there is an upcoming conference and part of the schedule will involve a presentation from yours truly. Speaking in front of large groups isn’t easy but, like most things, can be worked upon and skills can quickly be harnessed.

Public speaking is nerve-wracking, but it doesn’t need to be. With good preparation, presentation skills can quickly be built upon and tricks of the trade are common practice for us here at The Voice Tutor.

Whether you’re giving a speech to a large group or hosting an online meeting to a few colleagues, we’re here to help.

Top ten tips

1. Connect: Make your presentation specific to the audience all around you.

2. Avoid too much detail: You want to educate but not overwhelm.

3. Watch others: Observe how others do it. Watch them, learn and improve.

4. Write cue cards: Always know where you are and where you are going speech-wise.

5. Use visual aids: People can then relate to what you are saying and doing.  

6. Establish a presence: Have a strong body language and be expressive on stage.

7. Make eye contact: Look at those around you as this helps keep up engagement levels.

8. Interact: Get the audience involved with what you are saying and doing.

9. Time yourself: If you are asked for ten minutes then talk for ten minutes. No more, no less.  

10. Enjoy it: This is so simple but often overlooked. Remember, if you don’t enjoy it then nobody else will.

Hopefully you have learnt a thing or two by reading this first blog. It is the first of many that we aim to produce and is written to hopefully help our current clients as well as potential new clients. We have some ideas but would welcome your feedback too. Please make contact and let’s connect!